Coffee Preservation Tips


Coffee Preservation Tips

Coffee goes stale if left in the open. Notice the short shelf life of bread; well roasted coffee behaves in a similar nature. Green un-roasted coffee beans last for years, but once roasted, their life span is reduced dramatically.


The enemies of coffee freshness are oxygen, moisture, light and heat. By limiting the coffees exposure to these elements, you will preserve the life and freshness of your coffee.


Store your coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark place i.e. cupboard. If you are storing coffee for weeks at a time, then it is safe to store it in the freezer.


The cooler environment does improve the lifespan by reducing the oxidation of the coffee, but not if it is continuously removed and placed back into the freezer. This causes condensation to form on the coffee, which is not a good thing (remember the enemies of coffee are air / oxygen, water / moisture, light and heat.)


Whole beans keep the flavour and freshness longer than ground coffee as a result of the beans smaller surface area. Grinding your coffee at home before brewing will pay dividends for the discerning coffee drinker.